looking for something old-school...


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after being a packaging shop for over 10 years, we have FINALLY got our own sample cutter! YAY!!

I've been trying for YEARs to get one, so I'm super happy. however, I need a piece of cabinetry to help in my room.

Going back to 4-up and 8-up neg stripping days, I'm looking for a "neg" or "stripping" shelf. They usually had about 5-10 shelves on them that were only about an inch or two tall, but so that you could have all your assorted masking sheets, and such organized. I need one. It's the PERFECT way for me to keep all my different board stocks for sampling organized.

So, is there anyone in the Wisconsin/Midwest area that might have one collecting dust somewhere in their shop?

I can have my hubby build me something, but I would really rather give new life to an old friend. My shop never had one, we just worked out of the boxes for the sheets. and I'm now kicking myself for all the ones that I've seen busted up at auctions because no one wanted them. :(

As always, thanks for your help guys!

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