Lotem 800 diode broken



expose jobs from 0-11; then 12-23, 24-36, 37-48 u can easily identify which one is damage?


Hello, then I proceed by trial and error? and after the single diode as an individual?
P.S. thank you for the time I spend


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The easiest way to find out which diode is faulty is to go into Hardware in GUI and do a Laser calibration at 300mw under Laser. Like this you will find out which Diode is faulty.

Hello, I have a Lotem 8oo with 48 laser diodes and maybe a diode is damaged, how do I know which one?


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pls go to hardware gui/laser gropu/defolt laser factor select/ reset diodes/type 300 or 600 or 900 mw which one i dont know you use and enter the calibrate

you will see on the table colored red if you have defected laser diodes with number

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