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Hi Everyone. I’m brand new here and am enjoying reading through the forum. I’m hoping you all can help. I’m looking for recommendations on a printer/press that runs at low temps. I have inventory that has none laser-safe thermo pre-printed on cover. I’m currently using old solid-ink printers but they are becoming obsolete. Id like to find a solution, even if temporary, to allow me to run through the inventory I have. Any thoughts are welcomed.


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@streetsnake welcome to the forum.
What size sheets are you looking to produce and in what kind of quantities?

Unrelated, I just had a look at your website, which looks nice, however you have a glaring typo on the homepage - "Stationary" !


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@Ynot_UK OMG! How did I not see that? Ugh. What a week it has been. In regards to size, it is 8.5 x 11 or similar, nothing bigger. We use the wide-format for those. Quantities range from just a few to 5-6K
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