Magnetic Material on Nexpress

Hi All.
Years ago, I used to run sheets on a Nexpress, it had a magnetic backing that was 'magnetised' after printing. I used to run a little roller up and down the back of the sheet.

I can't for the life of me remember what that was.

Does anyone know of any similar materials? I'm looking for a relatively thin magnetic material for a 'Fridge gift' application, so no need for really heavy duty magnetic material.

Thanks in advance



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We use MagneCote from Nekoosa. There is a digital version we use but I don't see it on their website. It runs through already magnetized but we haven't had any issues on our versant.



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We have a versant 180 and it worked just as well on our c75 before that. I can't remember it every really jamming or getting caught up inside the machine. We do put a small stack of regular paper underneath them in the feed tray just so those last sheets don't stick to the bottom of the feeder tray but I'm not sure it's necessary. And the same thing when we go to trim them on the cutter so they're easier to jog.

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