MAILCOM 1-Day Direct Mail Program—Chicago


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Being held July 19 at the Chicago O'Hare, Doubletree Hotel. It will focus on Critical Issues in Mail Management. Cost is $375 & group rates as low as $325.

An intensive 1-day event, the program will cover:
  • Cost ideas to beat your budget,
  • USPS Full Service regulations,
  • Mail piece design requirements,
  • Mail security compliance & more.
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They are having these all over the US. When I first got an email from our Postal Rep, it said the seminars were FREE. I immediately signed up (you can never have enough training and knowledge, even if you've been doing it for years), and signed up several of my people as well (they need to be able to figure things out themselves without constantly coming to me).

Got a second (corrective) email the next day saying that the seminars were NOT free. I was going to bring myself and about 5 other people. The cost would have been over $2,000. I immediately canceled. I can teach them myself much less expensively. I heard later that virtually no one signed up for it due to the expense.

If the USPS wants to increase their volume by educating printers (which, I'm all for), or, get cleaner mail by educating mailers (which, I'm equally for), then, they shouldn't charge for the education process. After all, in the end, they will reap the benefits.

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