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*City/State where you live*
Memphis, Tennessee

*Current place of employment*
Dawson's Printing, Inc.

*Job Title*
Electronic Prepress Technician

*Hometown City/State*
Memphis, Tennessee

*Favorite Musician/Band*
Used to listen a lot to all types of music, but mostly listen to WCRV
640 AM Christian talk radio nowadays. That's not to say I don't still
like to listen to some oldies now and then, but I just really don't
like much of the music coming out these days.

*Favorite activity outside of work*
Watching movies and favorite TV shows and relaxing my brain.

*Store you would max your credit card at*
Although I have pretty much stopped using my credit card, if someone
else paid the bill, I'd max it out at the Apple Store.

*Something you must do or accomplish before you die*
Don't really have that much ambition. I've done about all I want to
do. Can't really think of anything right now.

*Other occupation you would like to try*
I would like to go back to being an artist. I haven't done any artwork
in probably half my life, but for the first half of life I loved
drawing and by age fifteen I really could draw well, and even did a
first painting that I thought turned out well. I just figure I
couldn't make consistent money at it so I haven't done anything about
it since.
Nowadays, although I'm not mechanically-inclined like my dad is, I'm
interested in alternative energy and would love to be able to build my
own generator for my house and hydrogen-on-demand capability and put
it into my car. If I had that type of knowledge, I'd be able to make
money retro-fitting other people's cars and homes, or dead because I
knew too much.

*First Car*
That's hard to say. My dad bought, fixed, and sold a few cars to build
up money to get a car for me to drive as my first car. A Toyota
Corolla that I wrecked the first day out of school on summer break in
the 11th grade. Hit some trees (the third or fourth one stopped me).
Hit a DO NOT ENTER sign (that I had to pay for), jumped over a street,
over a lady's car, over a stop sign, and when I came out of the wreck
with my buddy, she said "You shouldn't be alive!". Well, my dad tied
the car's "A" frame between a tree and his truck and straightened the
"A" frame back out, and from then on I called that Corolla "Toyota
SR5-747" because I flew in that car, the radio was still playing after
the wreck, and I got to drive that tank for some more years after
that. Rugged piece of machinery.

*Personal Quote*
I used to have one: Life's not hard. It's not accepting the facts of
life that make it hard.
But that was before I grew up and saw that life was hard no matter if
you accept things as they are or not. Of course, accepting the facts
does make it easier.

*Favorite Movie*
1. The Gospel of John
2. The Ultimate Gift
3. The Notebook

Married to my wife Dawn for the last 6.5 years. Been together for 11.5 years.

*Favorite Vacation spot*
Haven't been yet, but Amsterdam or Jamaica. I have been to Florida
multiple times and also been to the Bahamas. Great relaxing time.

Thanks Don!

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