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*City/State where you live*

Mississauga (Toronto) Ontario Canada

*Current place of employment*

Cenveo MM&T Packaging

*Job Title*

Mgr, prepress

*Hometown City/State*

Westmeston, East Sussex, England

(born a Canadian overseas)

*Favorite Musician/Band*

Leila Josefowitz

*Favorite activity outside of work*

Tennis (year round)

*Store you would max your credit card at*

Home Depot

*Something you must do or accomplish before you die*

Find and visit Samurai family heritage site in Fukuoka.

*Other occupation you would like to try*

Surgeon or Archeologist

*First Car*

1962 VW Beetle (third hand within family)

*Personal Quote*

I can change your mind three times in the same sentence!

*Favorite Movie*

Tie between Bridge on the River Kwai, Amadeus and My Cousin Vinnie


2 famous sisters, 2 Children, 3 step children, 2 grandchildren (see Avatar)

*Favorite Vacation spot*

Tied between Royal Lahaina, Maui and Whitsler/Blackcomb

Thanks John!

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