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Member Spotlight on Rob Roberts ([RobR|])


*City/State where you live*
Cincinnati OH

*Current place of employment*
Specialty Litho

*Job Title*
Digital PrePress Manager

*Hometown City/State*
Memphis TN

*Favorite Musician/Band*
Third Day

*Favorite activity outside of work*
...Jammin with friends......on the Drums

*Store you would max your credit card at*
Drum City

*Something you must do or accomplish before you die*
Work as or helping a missionary.

*Other occupation you would like to try*
Music Instrument Retail store owner.

*First Car*
1966 Pontiac Lemans

*Favorite Movie*
Lord of The Rings

Married / 2 Children Girls 16 & 18

*Favorite Vacation spot*
Almost anywhere in Florida

Thanks Rob!

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Re: Member Spotlight - Rob Roberts

OH! (Rob might get that)

I'm just up the road about half the state! My girls are 7 & 9. Might have to ring you up in a bit for the teenage years advice! LOL

Thanks for being the first spotlight, Rob. Always tough to be the first kid to raise their hand. Good luck with the music shop. I think I'd like to be a pub owner or pro poker player, I think.
Re: Member Spotlight - Rob Roberts

Rob good luck with in the music store business. That's something I've dreamed of for awhile now too. I looked into joining NAMM but to be a member you have to have sold something from a distributor but to sell something from most distributors you need to be a member of NAMM. Kind of a catch 22, I'm sure I misread something somewhere along the way because I'm famous for making things more difficult than they need to be. Hope that it works out for you.


Re: Member Spotlight - Rob Roberts

Thanks...but unless things change I'll probally keep on prepressin I've had a few unsuccessful attempts
at my own businesses, but I've always relied on Printing to pay the bills.


Re: Member Spotlight - Rob Roberts

Do you really think that it's a safe to thing to put out that much personal information about someone in a public online forum?


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