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*City/State where you live*
Waxhaw, NC, USA

*Current place of employment*
Self-employed, WyseConsul, color management consultant.

*Job Title*
Owner/Chief Bottle Washer

*Hometown City/State*
Hartville, OH, nestled in between lovely Akron and Canton. Ohio is where I did most of my "time" in the production side of prepress and printing. Now I live the exotic life of a consultant...not.

*Favorite Musician/Band*
Phil Keaggy, Best Guitarist Nobody's Ever Heard Of!

*Favorite activity outside of work*
Riding my Moto Guzzi Centuaro in the hills of NC. As an added bonus, having my wife along or any of the kids that are old enough to ride along.

*Store you would max your credit card at*
Well, if I HAD a credit card, it would be 1) local Motor Guzzi or Ducati dealer 2) The Apple Store and 3) B&H Photo. I like think of these three as one big Toy Store for Men.

*Something you must do or accomplish before you die*
Solo parachute jump and become debt free. Should something BAD happen like my 'chute not opening, then scratch becoming debt free from the list. Scratch that, WIN THE LOTTERY, pay off all of our debts and buy a plane/hire a pilot to take me up and let me jump!

*Other occupation you would like to try*
I really liked organic chemistry in high school. Whatever job an "organic chemist" can get, besides working for an ink company or ANYTHING to do with printing!

I take that back. I'd rather be professional writer working for a motorcycle magazine. I take a ride, I write about, get paid LOTS of money. I'm thinking of month-long rides where I "phone it in" using my iPhone and they send a check. The article would go something like..."I rode to <fill in the blank> and filled up with fuel. Rode up the/down the <fill in the blank> after that and had fun. Ate at a restaurant called <fill in the blank> and rode some more. (Repeat until a month is up).

*First Car*
1966 Plymouth Belvedere with 383 w/ 4bbl carb (those skinny retreads never had a chance!). And before you do the math, I'm not THAT old. The Plymouth was already over ten years old when I got it for $800.

*Personal Quote*
"Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking"

It's not my quote, but I like it and am happy to steal it...which says a lot about my character.

*Favorite Movie*
"The Matrix" series for drama/action and "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" for comedy...or "Office Space". I only get to pick ONE?

Yes, I was born to a family of humanoids.

My wife just slapped me and explained the question to me.

Wife of 18 years, Jill, and son Mitchell (14), daughter Myah (10) and son Mylan (7).
Correction, my wife isn't 18 years old, we've been MARRIED 18 years but she's actually....<slap> <ouch>.

*Favorite Vacation spot*
What is this thing you say "Vacation"? I'm a consultant and don't understand the word. "Vacation" only means "temporary unemployment".
Seriously, no particular "place", but simply visiting family/friends back in Ohio or wherever they may be. Places don't do it for me since I "get" to travel too much the way it is. It's the people that make it a vacation.

Favorite food is <sushi> by the way, in case you were wondering. :)

Thanks Terry!

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