Metallic Polyester Barrier Film Replacement for Aluminum Foil


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Flex Films has launched a new, patented, BOPET high barrier film F-UHB-M, designed to replace aluminum foil in flexible packaging applications. This FDA compliant film—to be manufactured in Flex Films’ Kentucky plant & supplied world wide—meets applications in medical packaging, packaging for dried & powdered items like dried meats, coffee, yeast, snacks and nuts; energy drinks; vacuum insulated panels; bag-in-box, etc.

F-UHB-M helps moving from a difficult to recycle 4-ply aluminum foil laminate to a more easily recycled 3-ply laminate without compromising barrier performance; reducing weight, cost and minimizing carbon footprint. The new BOPET film is suitable for a host of flexible packaging applications dominated by aluminum foil laminates.

Limitations of aluminum foil used in packaging include: material availability, high cost, weak integrity, propensity for pinhole formation and difficulty recycling. According to the company, F-UHB-M demonstrates excellent handling, machinability & resistance to pin-hole formation. Compared to traditional aluminum foils, the material cost of F-UHB-M is less impacted by price fluctuations.

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