Morgana Cardxtra vs Duplo DC545?


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I know these are both pretty old now but just looking to get a machine to help with business card cutting and postcard cutting.

Have the opportunity if either, a Morgana Cardxtra with a module for business cards, one for postcards and one for A4 OR a Duplo DC545 which is programmable to different cuts.

On paper the Duplo sounds better as it could cut any size and also creases, but I’m assuming with the morgana there’s less room for error as the modules are fixed position.

Out of the two, what would you recommend and why?


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I'll be upfront and tell you that I work for Konica Minolta and we have a partnership with Duplo to sell these units. But I'm not even in your country so I'm not trying to sell you here, just give you personal feedback. I've only had experience with Duplo brand of slitter/cutters and they are awesome. I've sold many of them and every customer loves them. Never worked on that older 545 model but I do have the 616 Pro in my demo room. I use it not only for demos, but cutting all of the postcards, business cards, brochures, etc. that I print for the Konica Minolta staff in our branch...and it's awesome. For higher volume, I'd definitely recommend the 646 and it had optional modules like you describe on the Morgana for perfing and creasing both directions. The benefit of these newer models is the barcode/alignment reader. It verifies the positioning of every sheet to ensure the accurate position every time. And you can add barcodes in Fiery so it can automatically switch setup for that job. You might want to verify if you can get either the morgana or Duplo serviced in your area before buying so you don't run into a situation where you can't find parts as needed.

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