Multiline Classic .Glunz-jensen film developer issue .


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I have one problem with this model, as soon i switch the machine, automatically start to work the Dryer ,water valve open and the hearts on, like he gets film on input .
I heve check all the parameters and all appear to be ok, via diagnostic i can start, test, all the sensors and motor´s all ok .

This issue only start when they call on local expert to change the circulation motor, he had change some original wiring on this machine .

The service manual don´t have that area , see attached picture, so i need one manual and help to check where the problem is coming from .

If possible can you please check if is there any scheme from wiring area, this area is on dryer section lower section.

Hope some help on this issue .


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the missing files.


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Who are "they" calling an "expert" to make the machine "forever ON"?
Why not to call back that "expert" to fix the machine?
Service manual does not have that area explained, so what do you want to find extra?
Glunz&Jensen is very "opened for end-user" company provided all schematic diagrams and SMs.
Nothing else is available all over the world, sorry padrao, you have what I have as a G&J certified tech.
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