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I am in need of a "simple" FTP server software that would ideally run on either a Mac Workstation or Windows Server that:

1. Has a simple web interface with user-customized fields that must be filled in and an upload button to allow the user to select a file and then upload it.
2. Would be compatible with either Mac or Windows-formatted uploaded files.
3. Will generate an email (customizable would be nice) that can be sent to any and all users I specify containing information about the file being uploaded.
4. Shows a progress bar on screen while the file is uploading.
5. Resides on a server with some level of security so as to avoid the nasties of being hacked but doesn't create problems with files being uploaded.

Can anyone recommend such a system taking into account that I am not a programmer?

Jon :)
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Hopkins Printing

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Hi csm20,

Unless you know something I don't, I thought CyberDuck was only an FTP client software for uploading/downloading files. I am in need of an FTP Server system.

Jon :)


I use PureFTPd Manager. Its free. But I am not sure on the emailing side of it.


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I too recommend Rumpus. It runs on a mac, has Web, FTP, and WebDav. Email notifications are customizable and is reasonably priced.


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Check out the and try their demo. They are very inexpensive and can do everything you are asking for. It is for OS X or Linux or Windows platform.



It appears that you need more than just FTP. A web based file sharing application would probably be better, Digital Asset Management systems can do this but I suspect this is an overkill for your requirement. An interface to create folders with permissions etc I guess would be ideal for you.

Have just doen a quick online search, see: - Online File Storage, Internet File Sharing, Online Storage, Access Documents & Files Anywhere, Backup Data, Send Files - free file sharing and storage

If you require something like this with specific features or integration, we can certinaly build something like this farily quickly, adding to our modular print solution.

Hop this helps.


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I use this in several locations without a hitch. Runs on XP and 03 svr, also the client. Best of all it's free. I also use Rumpus on Mac, it is not free.


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doesnt fulfil all your needs but is simple , cheap and secure- I use an iomega .5TB network drive with ftp
doesnt need a computer

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I currently use a service called Files Anywhere, and have had great results with it. In response to your stated requests:

1. It is web based and functions much like you call for. Allows user to easily select and upload file, user customizable fields (although how much, I don't know).

2. Compatible with any files.

3. I receive E-mails when a customer uploads a file and when they download a PDF proof that I have uploaded for them.

4. Shows a progress bar on screen. In my case using Safari as a browser.

5. Is on a secure server under Files Anywhere's control. No maintenance for you to do.

6. I pay $8.95 a month for 5 gigs of storage and unlimited uploads and downloads. I control the account with some simple and easy to understand tools.

I suggest giving it a look.

Hopkins Printing

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We are giving Rumpus a try. In a very short time, I got everything configured and it seems to be working. Now to test it with live production...

Thanks to all!
Jon :)

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