Need help in Fuji Celebrant v6.0


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Hi everybody,

Any experienced man tells if the Celebrant RIP v6 has Co Res Screening technology or not?
Much appreciate!
Many thanks!


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Not sure what angle your question is coming from. I'm at home, can't check our RIP version number; think it's 6. But, Co Res will be on your RIP IF it was ordered originally, or added on later. The only way to verify, (I assume you have access to the RIP), is to dig into the screening area and see if it's listed.
If you're just making a general enquiry, well, it's an optional/additional screening.


Celebrant Co-Res

Celebrant Co-Res

Co-Res is an option to Celebrat

You can review the License window, they list all installed options in your rip.

Too is posible that you have the option unistalled, but in this case you need an activation code to enable it.


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It's grateful. Thanks for support. We check the license and our rip has the Co-res Scanning well.

You should now seriously consider migrating your Celebrant (Adobe CPSI based) to XMF (Adobe PDF Print Engine based). If you have a Celebrant RIP you can either transition to XMF Processor (RIP) or up to the full XMF Workflow (4-up or complete, depending on your output format). If you have Celebrant Extreme workflow you can transition that to XMF Complete. Your existing Co-res screening licence transfers to XMF without charge (as does Taffeta FM screening licence). All of the Celebrant drivers that you may have (output drivers, TIFF drivers, proofer drivers) also transfer without cost. If you have Serendipity Blackmagic proofing/pressroom proofing taking ripped data from Celebrant you'll need to get the XMF input filter to upgrade that.


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We use **** rip (illegitimate version) with full function 100% working , we are happy and price is cheap. Thanks

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