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We have been in the business for 7 years printing 4 color.
Started out with a 3302ha with poly plates
moved to a 4995 (3304ha) with poly plates
traded that in on a 5634DI
The DI has now bankrupted us
This is the only business I know.
The DI is going to be repoed can't pay $6k/month anymore.

I have $50k to spend on a press and a CTP unit assuming the next press is not a DI

I am trying to figure out if I would be better going back:
1. The duplicator world and get a used 4995 or 3304, knowing the pitfalls but at least being able to do 4 color in one pass
2. Buy a used QMDI, a little skeptical of these machine considering the cost of maintainance and problems I have had with the PTEK DI
3. Buy a used 2 color Komori, Ryobi, Hamada or Heidy in a minimum of the 17 x 22 range. Hate going back to two passes or 4 passes to get 4/4, but at least with the 2 up 11 x 17 format this will help cut down on time, versus the one up 11 x 17 I have always run.
(I just don't know much about any other presses than the ryobi duplicator world and the DI)

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated


With your budget in mind I'd opt for a 3302 / poly set-up. The caveat' here is that you refocus your efforts on profitable 2 color work from your current customers i.e. envelopes, letterheads, NCR forms and send your 4 color jobs out to one of the hundred wholesale printers to lose their money on.

Best of luck with your challenges.


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Find a used two-color HDM QM46 or an old one or two unit GTO.
Find used poly CtP equipment. An old Agfa Phoenix should do the trick just fine. Very fast, reliable, inline processing and cheap these days. The Phoenix was primarily sold as CtF and was one of the last CtF/Poly machines brought onto the American market. The only piece of equipment you need different is a canister for the poly. Last time I looked you could buy a used complete setup for ~$10k.

Farm out your CMYK work online or more admirably to a trustworthy local shop that has full color equipment. If most of your press work is CMYK the only realistic option sounds like digital.

And don't give up! Diligence and attitude are half of the battle.


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