New from Enfocus - a tool for Customer Service to improve PDF feedback!


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BoardingPass: feedback in a minute
Enfocus BoardingPass allows customer-facing staff to instantly validate PDF files for print.
Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass identifies errors that require a file to be resubmitted and automatically drafts an email reply.
Customer service agents gain the power to provide quick and understandable job feedback. Prepress not required.

Free to download and use until release, but we would love some feedback.



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Very nice software. The only thing i think is missing is a way to measure objects. With that, our CSA woud not need to use Acrobat Pro anymore.


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I take it you mean something like a measure tool?
something like. click a point, click another point, show distance between them, and also the angle I guess?


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Here's another suggestion- alert for PDF markups and comments. Those features are occasionally used in lieu of editing tools.


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Would you see that as something the CSR should be aware of, or is that more for prepress?
Those aren't really issues, they can be fixed by preflight.


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So I downloaded this to have a look at it. Seems very slow opening files. A 300+ MB file never did open. A 200+ MB file took about 2 minutes to open from my desktop.

Non bleed pages are being flagged as insufficient bleed. Bleed pages without bleed on the spine side (that would be cropped automatically by imposition software so not really needed) are being flagged as insufficient bleed too. Many customers don't overlap image into that area so they will always be flagged as insufficient bleed.

Other than those things it looks great. Still just not sure our CSR and sales people would be up to the task.


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Thanks for this. I'll pass this on.
The spine bleed is pretty straightforward, we have that in PitStop already so it's just a matter of implementing it.

If I could get hold of that 300+mb file I'd be greatful. You could send it to me via

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