New GWG User Guide Clarifies PDF Standards


Staff member
The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has published a new user guide—written by David van Driessche, Executive Director of the Ghent Workgroup and co-chair of the Specification and Process Control subcommittee—that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about PDF standards.

Some of the questions covered in the user guide include—
  • What’s the difference between PDF standards and PDF specifications?
  • What should I know about PDF/X-1, PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-6?
  • What version of PDF/X should I be using?
  • What is PDF/A and what are the different versions? Etc.
If you work with PDF documents, chances are that sooner or later you’re going to encounter PDF standards. The user guide is free. Download it here:

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