new impo software instead of Preps 5 for rampage user?


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I just posted question in prepress workflow. I am a rampage user and I need too switch from preps 5 to something that works with Mavericks and Mountain lion. What do you guys/gals use?



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We've got hundreds of Metrix users, running on Mac and Win. We support Mountain Lion and will be supporting Mavericks. About 40% of our users are Rampage users, so you can be confident that Metrix and Rampage work great together. About 98% of our users were former Preps users, and in fact a bunch of us here were former ScenicSoft/Creo/Kodak employees, with decades of experience working with and developing Preps - we really understand where you're coming from! Call the great people at Rampage and ask them about Metrix.


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stargate, we can import Preps layouts/templates automatically, we have automated (no user scenario choices and manual tasks) job ganging and quantity optimization, for a fraction of the price other solutions will cost you.

Contact me directly for a FREE trial licence.
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Have a look at Metamation planning & layout solutions for entire range of offset print jobs - Commercial, bookwork, packaging with support for both sheetfed and web presses. Choose the modules you need. Drop a mail to
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