New imposition app for Enfocus Switch


Staff member
Tilia Labs has a new imposition application for Enfocus Switch: Tilia Griffin Pro, exclusively available in the Enfocus Appstore.

This is a cross-platform, layout solution for wide format printers. Using Tilia’s Phoenix nesting engine, Griffin finds the most cost-effective, tightly-nested layout compatible with all printers & cutting tables, and features ‘basic’ & ‘advanced’ modes, providing users with a quick way to get started along with the ability to scale-up. It’s a fully self-contained app for both Mac & PC, featuring a free trial period before committing to purchase.

The Enfocus Appstore has over 50 apps that have been thoroughly trialed & tested before launch. Eighteen of these have been added in the last 12-months. Applications featured in their app-store require no separate license activation and there is a free trial period.

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What about Profitability?
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