New project for printing industry.


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I have joined today because I wanted to talk with someone.

My last activity is strongly aimed in web programming. After years I decided to use my knowledge of programming languages, to start new project related to printing industry. Why printing? It's my profession.
Anyway I not working in printing industry, but because of some experience from past and still some interest, I decided to create project related to printing.
But it's not a forum like this one ;)
It's a platform to sell and buy machines and equipment. Website is quite simple and graphically not shocking, but I think it has everything to give a support for some enterprises related to printing industry, well I was thinking mainly of entrepreneurs who want to sell equipment or old or not needed machines. I know this sometimes may be hard. My ex boss wanted to giveaway for free an old 4 colours machine Roland and he just must to scrap.
If anyone will be interested about that topic, I may share later the website address of that project.

Sorry if this is hard to understand, but english is not my native language.


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Yeah, You right. It has been done somewhere by someone.
That's good. But I never have created something like this before, and here I may doing something wrong or stupid. I wanted to create non commercial platform for trade. No fees for advertising here, even if is just small part to printing machine, or large few colours heatset Lithoman web printing machine. Something what I think was never done before. I wanted to create all ads free, and in that point I'm not sure that is right way I'm thinking. Non commercial platform for commercial purpose for members for free trading. Free place for trading. At the starting point this is possible, but later if more member decide to trade with usage of this platform, I will have no idea how to keep it running. Nobody will give me plan for 24 hrs hosting with access for growing database, and growing traffic etc. Well I just aspire for something big, but that is in the very beginning, at starting point. I would like to use opportunity and invite members of this forum from all world to visit the page I'm talking about.
Chosen range area at the start is for Europe, but all members are welcome even from other planet. ;)
The website address is:

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