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I see a couple of threads where people discuss running non-OEM inks in their Epsons. I was wondering if anyone else has an experience running non-OEM inks.

I have a Canon TX-4000 that runs many posters and signs that are very basic and do not need color accuracy. A set of OEM ink runs me ~$1450, and I've recently come across some non-OEM ink sellers that sell a set of non-OEM ink for closer to $500.

I am intrigued by this as none of my customers care about rich back or color accuracy. However, I talked to a wide format tech about non-OEM inks, and he let me know that the biggest problem with them in his opinion, are that they are generally in re-used ink containers, and the seals/gaskets on the carts are worn, allowing too much ink to flow and thus damaging print-heads over time. I see a few anecdotal reports of that happening in this forum.

What I'm curious about, is if anyone has found vendors that sell non-OEM inks in high quality cartridges, avoiding this issue. Or any other potential sucesses / failures you have encountered trying the idea I'm floating. Thanks for sharing!
Hi I don't have that machine I run a smaller Epson 4000 stylus pro but I have been using compatible cartridges 220ml pigment ink for a while with no issues, I'm in the uk and pay £139 for a full set of 8 220ml cartridges which is amazing value compared to original, they are new cartridges not refilled. A quick look on ebay brings your machine up with similar options. Hopefully someone on here is using that machine with compatible ink and can help you, I just thought it worth mentioning that I have not had any problems.


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I tried using non-Epson inks in our Stylus Pro 4900. Those were refillable cartridges, the ink came in large bottles. I have to say that the whole setup was absolutely professional. The reason I reverted back to Epson inks was that with the third party ink set I wasn't able to certify my proofs (Vivid Magenta wasn't enough vivid).


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We tried third party inks in one of our Epson 9800's a few years ago.
The print head failed on that machine shortly afterwards, the other one that has always used genuine inks still has the original head.
We also inherited an HP 5000 from another company which was using none-genuine cartridges, had continual premature print head failures on that machine.
Draw your own conclusions from this.

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