October Webinar Series to Help Corrugated Packagers


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Baldwin Technology has announced the launch of a new Webinar Series designed to help corrugated packaging converters enhance their productivity & print quality. A topic of urgency as Box producers have been stretched thin on their capacity to keep up with growing online commerce & shelf-ready supermarket packaging, related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first webinar—October 1st, 2020—covers 3 technologies that can help corrugated packagers improve sustainability, safety and production speeds, while reducing waste, and differentiating their offerings in the market. Featuring 2-live sessions (one in the European and the other in North American time zones)—Baldwin experts will be on hand to address topics such as:
  • Automated in-line surface-cleaning for printing plates,
  • IR drying advancements, and
  • UV / LED curing applications for corrugated printing.
Go here to sign up.
Once the live sessions have concluded, Webinars will be available on demand.

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