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Client sees online proof onscreen and then asks why is there the word OF towards the top right hand corner?

Client is sent a PDF via email and says it looks exactly the same.

After fruitless conversations a site visit is arranged where we see the client's shiny new wide screen LCD monitor & PC.

After tilting the screen to an angle beyond 45 degrees you can see the word PROOF across the page onscreen.

To say this monitor was less than appropriate for online proofing would be generous, but this is what they were sold by a well known IT supplier here in the UK.

Is this the future of online proofing?


No, this is not. Online proofing system should be responsive enough to show same results across any device whether it is monitor, laptop screen, pc or tablet. You can try some other web2print solution and see if the problem persists. For an instance I will recommend you to give integrated PrintMIS of myprintcloud a try. Completely cloud based and involving responsive themes, I am sure you will not have any problem with it.

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What about Profitability?
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