Old Roland ok to use just as a cutter?


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Hi there!

This might seem like a dumb question (I'm new to the signage game). Is there any reason I can't buy an old SP300 or SP540 with rooted heads (hence real cheap) and just use as a cutter?
Or am I missing something? I'm hoping the optical registration will work ok.

I'm currently printing on my Mutoh (with Roland registration dots, colourgate), I also sometime print on my Xerox (again with Roland registration dots, plug in Illustrator CS6)
and cutting both on my small Roland GS 24.

This all works fine but I would like a larger cutter.

I'm hoping to get the quality the Roland is know for (rather than a cheap Chinese cutter).

Your help/advice is much appreciated.

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Rooted heads?

Not sure what that means, but yes, in theory you could do this. I have one or two clients who have old Rolands that they use for cutters only, just as you're describing. But they didn't go out looking for them; they just ran them into the ground in their own shops.

Keep in mind that if you buy an old Roland that's too far gone to print, that it's going to be an old, worn-out machine overall. It's not going to be something pristine with no issues that will just cut trouble-free for you.

I'd think you'd be better off just buying a used plotter/cutter; Graphtec or the like.

Mike Adams
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Thanks Mike. "Rooted" means no good or worn out. (I think it must be a Kiwi term). Thanks for the advice, point taken regarding machine being worn out overall. Occasional I here of machines that seen to be in good condition but for what ever reason the ink has been allowed to dry up in the lines/heads. It was really just a thought.

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