OneVision Adds XPS Capabilities to Asura and Solvero Workflow Software


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OneVision will unveil new capabilities for its Asura, Asura Pro and Solvero prepress workflow solutions at Exhibition A750 during IfraExpo on October 8-11 in Vienna.

For the first time, OneVision will showcase the newest versions of Asura, Asura Pro and Solvero, the company’s flagship solutions that streamline and automate the preflighting, optimization and normalization processes in print production. The software automatically checks, corrects, and outputs files into several formats, including PDF, EPS and PostScript – and now XPS (XML Paper Specification), the new file type for graphics produced using Windows Vista™ from Microsoft.

Specifically, the new versions of Asura and Solvero are able to convert XPS files into PDF, PostScript or EPS files. This capability enables printers and publishers to accept and process XPS files without changing their prepress workflows. The required conversion into the requested file format for the RIP can either be done automatically with Asura or Asura Pro or manually with Solvero. Users also benefit from the “downward compatibility” in OneVision’s software solutions. For example, XPS files can now also be converted into PostScript Level 1 or PDF 1.2. With Solvero, text, images and graphics of XPS files can be edited in the same way as PDF, PostScript or EPS files.

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What about Profitability?
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