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Online Printing Solutions (OPS)

They have some great solutions, but were a little too expensive for my budget. I ended up going with PrintBridge (www.forixprintbridge.com) myself. OPS's basic solution is pretty good, but when you get up into the great tools they offer, the price tag goes with it.


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I would consider the following other solutions as well

ColorQuick - Workstream
Bitstream - Pageflex
Now Docs - Now Print
Press-Sense iWay

Feel free to contact me about the ColorQuick - Workstream product specifically.

at the IPN convention i bumped into a system by the name B2CPrintShop.
i my self am trying to get some opinions about it.

can any one help?
Hi everyone,

I can share the same passion in this regard, i know a company who provide Web2Print solutions which enables you to create an intuitive web based graphical user interface and seamless work flow that reduce communication error, streamline order procurement, and decrease job completion time which is leading to maximum productivity. I also used their services of cheap poster printing and its really satisfactory.

Hope this Helps!


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I had a little play with the OPS system and it seemed quite powerful, it has quite a good approval system too.


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I been using OPS for past 3 years. It is very powerful. Gives user a ability to design on fly. Also vprint and vweb modules give you ability to run variable jobs and do multi-channel marketing with PURLs and emails.

I looked into a demo for OPS and it looked pretty good but as you say a little on the expensive side. I kind of stopped looking for alternatives, I presume there are a few web to print solutions out there but by the looks of things OPS seem to have a new site since last time with the service split into quite a few modules so that might make it a bit cheaper but not sure...

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