opinion on a mitsubishi eco 1630 rip


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I am looking at purchasing a used mitsubishi eco 1630, the actual unit is in good shape, but the rip is ancient, Harlequin 5.1 running on a windows NT box. I am very leery about bringing in such an old operating system into our work flow. We would be printing from macs OS 10.5. Does anyone have this or a similar setup? any advice? We are using it for easy 1 and 2 color jobs. Thanks!


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The Eco rip can be used with the Mac OS by either using hot folders or socket input. The main issue is what you need the rip to do for you. If are doing all in house design and output as postscript it should work fine. If you work in PDF and need all the modern capabilities, you would need to upgrade the rip. The cost would depend on the current version you have and would have to be quoted.

The Eco is still in production so parts and support shouldn't be an issue. The Eco is workhorse and easy to maintain.


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