Opinions on off-line booklet makers for digital


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Just looking at some solutions for off-line booklet making...

I am told that we need a suction feed collator system rather than a friction feed system...

I am also considering not having the collator towers just a stitcher and trimmer module as we are only doing small sets really (anything more than 1000 books it would be cheaper to print off-set) and we can print pre-collated anyway...

I do want the for-edge trimmer though definately...

I am looking at a Duplo system (which is all in one) and a Nagel Foldnak system which is modular, whereby i can just buy the stitcher and trimmer now... and later on adding the collator if required...

Any opinions on these systems or other better solutions ???

I am looking to buy brand new as i have been told that second hand systems can be tricky and you spend more time fixing them then actually getting work out of them... so i want to buy new with a service contact...


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Sorry i just found out we can get the duplo without the collator...

The full system is the system 2000...

The system without the collator is the DBM120 Booklet Maker & DBM120T Trimmer (+ DB120/120T Cabinets ???)

The price for this is so far the best price i have had (when compared to other equivalent systems)

Anyone had bad experiences with Duplo's ???


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Have that config right now... Looking to go to the DBM350/T as an upgrade.

Pretty good, just plan on crimping the finished books in a cutter clamp after booklet making. Parts from Duplo are very $$$ and service is "decent" (I went through 3 Power Supplies in the Trimmer before we figured out what else to replace so I had something like $1,100 in parts (out of warranty).

Overall, I have a good amount of Duplo Equipment (Folder, Jogger, DBM-120/T) and would buy from them again. The only thing is.....


Just my $0.02...


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Thanks for your comments...

Anyone else ???

We are now also looking at a re-conditioned horizon with a service contract...

You mentioned parts are expensive for the duplo, but i have been told that the parts are cheap and easily accessible for the horizons ?

Jorge Pease

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We have the Duplo with the collating towers, they work fine. We were printing collated but pulling different color papers from different drawers slow'd our digimaster way down. The towers come in real handy!

Very little maintenance required, we do it ourselves, when things break, the tech fixes it pretty quick and inexpensively. Our runs are up to 20,000 and we generally make about 80000 booklets per month with no problems. Duplo is a nice machine for these quantities.


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Yep, we've got a Digital System 2000 (with the Digital Sheet Feeder) so we print in reverse collated sets and feed from this.

Great bit of kit! Very quick to set-up and good quality finish.

Duplo service also really good, although we've only seen an engineer a couple of times since January and both times were minor issues.

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