out log sheets on Lotem


Hello, I have a Lotem 800 and I have problems with the alignment of the sheets in four colors, I tried to lock the drawer of the slabs, align the y axis where the suction cups but nothing is ever out of register, any suggestions?


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I'm not sure how the 800 compares to the 400, but when I used to run a Lotem 400 registration issues were usually related to the leading edge of the plate not being inserted quite far enough into the clamps. Sometimes we'd find a little piece of slip sheet or other debris under one of the clamps, which prevented full insertion of the plate (mine had an autoloader with slipsheet removal).

We also made sure the plates were jogged up all the way in the bay - if they were slightly crooked in the bay they would load crooked as well. It was pretty easy to tell if a plate was crooked by measuring the dark bar (unimaged area of the plate) at the bottom of the plate after imaging and processing - if the bar was narrower at one side it indicated a misload.

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