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Hi guys,
I already own some nice large format printers (HP Latex 560, Epson SureColor 30600), - but to this day actually never used them for any outdoor stuff (mostly used them to print posters and canvas, - I know, this is a waste of what the machines are capable of). So, - I have the hardware, but not the further equipment. Especially we would like to start offering fence banners. After we print, we have to reinforce the edges and put some eyelets.

The question is, what is the most cost effective method to reinforce? as I said, we have no hardware for this at the moment, so have to buy something. As far as I know, we could:
- weld it
- sew it
- glue it

What is the best option? We would really like to start with the most cost effective way that still is viable and looks professional enough. If you have any particular hardware models we should consider, feel free to publish them as well.



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Grommet press (hiker being top brand) and banner tape, very simple and cost effective. Plenty of youtube videos to help.
If they're only small banners and short term you can get reinforcement tape for behind the grommets which means you don't have to hem.
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Fastcap's 1" Speed Tape has worked really well for me for banner seams. It is about $12/roll off of amazon. 13oz Briteline scrim vinyl with speed taped hems and grommets has held up in 100mph winds and sub zero temperatures, but I am not sure on warm temperatures above 100F. I'm using an Epson S40600.

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