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Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to auto(or just quickly) trace the outline of a figure in an image and then save just that outline as a vector? Right now we just have to do it manually using the bezier tool in corel, which works well but takes way too much time.
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Can't answer that cuz I don't do Corel . . . I would do it in Photoshop but depending on the artwork it could be easy or difficult. There are many selection tool plugins available that might help. But like I said . . . don't know about either Corel or Photopaint(?) you might try PMing David Milsock.


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Illustrator's image trace does a great job of this, but it sounds like you only want the outline? I'd still take a look, we use it all the time.


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Photoshop has a magnetic trace tool that should do the trick. Maybe you know somebody with the software who will do it for you. Shouldn't take too long. You can tweak the vector paths afterward to suit yourself.

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