Over 970 Companies Removed Misleading Anti-Paper Statements in Anti-Greenwash Campaign


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With huge pressures on the economy, banks, telecom providers, utility companies and governmental organizations are increasingly focused on switching their customers from paper to digital services to cut their own costs. All too often their customer communications attempt to mask these cost-saving efforts, justifying the switch with unfounded environmental marketing appeals such as “Go Green — Go Paperless” and “Choose e-billing & help save a tree.”

Since their global campaign began in 2010, Two Sides has successfully challenged over 970 organizations that subject their customers to misleading and repeated greenwashing messages about paper. Their messaging is damaging to the paper, print and mailing industry. To date, these 970 organizations have removed such statements from their communications; and Two Sides continues to engage and inform the remaining businesses—located throughout Europe, North & South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In Europe, 630 companies have removed unsubstantiated claims about paper, including Lloyds Bank, RAC, Scottish Power, N Brown Group and HSBC.

The financial impact of greenwash on the paper, print and mailing industry is of global concern if these messages continue without challenge. Recent research in Europe—conducted by Two Sides and Censuswide in 2021—found that in Europe alone, greenwashing threatens the loss of €337 million of value annually to the paper, print and mailing industry.

Two Sides continues to actively challenge major organizations found to be misleading consumers by using environmental claims about the use of paper. Please send any instances of greenwash to greenwash@twosides.info.


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I refuse to receive e-billing. Especially since no discount is ever offered. These corporations are lining their pockets, plain & simple (what a surprise).
And it's slimier than that. For instance; my internet/cable provider switched me to e-billing a couple years ago without my knowledge. I only discovered it when (by regular mail) I received an overdue notice which threatened disconnect. WTF! I looked into it and indeed I had been switched to e-bill. The overdue notice also demanded interest for the 4 months accumulated.
Obviously I called very irate and had it straightened out. The twit on the phone made a deal of stating they would drop the overdue charge as a 1 time favour. Pointless getting into a debate with a phone person so I bit my tongue. I'm back on paper bills.

More recently I logged into my natural gas provider to see what was happening because my equal payment plan had increased a whopping 70% over last year. 73% to be precise. I hadn't logged in before - just received my bill & paid it.
Well it turns out that when you open a login account you're automatically transferred to e-billing. You aren't made aware of this during the open online account process. As a matter of fact it was quite accidental that I found out at all or I'd have been facing a similar fiasco as above internet scam attempt.
And here's the rub. To get back to paper billing isn't a simple click of the mouse. Oh no. One must phone the natural gas provider to request the transfer. And of course doing this means finding your way through multiple voice mailbox options and then the what has become obligatory wait on hold until a 'customer support' agent is available.

Grocery stores aren't the only ones screwing us folks.


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I think paper is the most durable, reliable and green medium. Other media create pollution somewhere and highly unreliable.


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I think paper is the most durable, reliable and green medium. Other media create pollution somewhere and highly unreliable.
I think you may be right there, since paper is a renewable resource which comes from trees that grow from carbon which is also a renewable resource and recycling it keeps the world green and allows more food to grow for our growing population. But the anti-green polluting climate change hoaxers will lose all their for nothing funding if we ever wake and realize what they are up to. And doesn't ink and toner also come from recycling carbon.

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