Palladio II - Complete novice, need help


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Hey guys, I just started working for a printing company, they have been using a Windows Server 2003 server since 2005 when the Palladio II and VPP 68 were installed. From what I understand our graphic design team create PDFs on their Mac's and used to simply send them over to the Win 2003 Server in which our plate maker would use some sort of Apogee Software to create the plates.

Recently the server became broken, the RAID hard drives failed and it is no longer usable, therefore we can not make plates currently. I am unsure what software the plate maker was using as he is a fairly old man whom did not really understand much about the computer. The server used a Scsi 2 16bit cable connected to an card in the expansion slot, there was also a yellow usb dongle with wibu-box/u written on it connected to the server at all times.

Apogee stickers are all over the Server and monitor so I guess it was some sort of Apogee software. My question is, if I had to completely reinstall windows, how should I go about it? What else would I need to install? We have a large number of computers just sitting in the office, can I just take the expansion card out off the server, pop it into a computer and install windows on it?

Thank you to anyone who can help me, if you need any more info just ask and I will do my best to find out

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