Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors

Cory Smith

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Carlstadt, N.J., Sept. 5, 2007 Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today unveiled the PANTONE Goe System (pronounced go), the first completely new color inspiration and specification system for the graphic arts industry since the introduction of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM 45 years ago. With 2,058 new PANTONE Colors, the PANTONE Goe System is designed to inspire creativity and fulfill the requirements of a fast-changing, technologically advancing industry. PANTONE Goe is more than a single product with exciting new colors. The System includes modern tools and interactive software to improve versatility in an increasingly global, multimedia environment.

"The original PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM was designed to meet the needs of an industry that was functioning without a precise and reliable way to communicate color," explained Richard Herbert, president of Pantone, Inc. "The PANTONE Goe System works in concert with the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM to empower everyone in the creative and production process with a simpler, more complete, user-friendly workflow from the moment of inspiration to the realization of a finished project. Just as the original System enabled the industry to step into its future, PANTONE Goe will impel designers and printers to stay competitive and versatile in today's challenging and evolving marketplace."

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Also be sure to read this story from Cary Sherburne which has additional details


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Re: Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors

The great thing about owning a industry wide standard, anytime ya need more cash just change it and force everyone to pay to "come up to speed".

So what's that the third time in two years Pantone has changed their colors? Wasn't it just a few months ago they added a couple dozen new colors and within the past year they said "bridge" was the new standard. I think Pantone is actually making Adobe look conservative in their upgrades. Well, what they hey, what's a couple grand for new pantone books all round the press room huh?

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Re: Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors

No doubt. I hope this one AT LEAST is made to conform to GRACoL2006_Coated1. The PANTONE colorbridge DOES NOT. They keep releasing things without fixing the necessary stuff (like ISO-conforming solids for #1 paper!!!)



Re: Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors I get to spend even more cash........... Kinda scary that X-rite is buying up everyone.

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Re: Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors

Judging from several people remarks, are any actaully suggesting that Pantone "Leave well enough alone" and that "why change, everything is fine" ?

I mean, come on. If we go back 15 or 20 years, that 'popular' print process was SWOP - 133 line screen with a specific ink lay down sequence and champion textweb stock, what could be called today as a number 5 sheet - very yellow - no one prints on that anymore. Everyone screamed and cried when it seemed that the Pantone guide was wrong, but what happened was the print condition changed. So, Pantone did the research, and changed the book, then everyone screamed and cried because Pantone 'changed" the book. I remember sitting on a Seybold panel in 1998 when someone asked "but how can they change Pantone 150 "

The answer was (of course) - that no one prints 133 line screen anymore, and no one runs to the same solid ink densities as they did 20 years ago. So, any color 'recipe' library has of course changed. So, the recipe for Pantone 150 would HAVE to change.

I mean, from my perspective - I will applaud and welcome any and all of Pantone's attempts to fix the popular color specifcation system by starting over. Many may not fully appreciate just what a challenge it has been for them.

To better understand what Pantone changed, and why they changed it THIS TIME, please take a moment to visit this link;

here is a snip from that article;

“Printers called for more consistent ink film thickness and the ability to have colors that are compatible with water-based and UV coatings.”

With PMS, printers sometimes experience variable ink film thickness in one print job, or thicker than the standard 1.3 grams per square meter, adding to the drying time. With the Goe System, this should not prove to be a problem anymore. PMS also is more expensive than the new Goe System. The latter relies on 10 base inks instead of the 14 required for PMS.

So, perhaps, this is a do over. Some may scream and yell. Some may listen and learn. It is not the first time this sleepy little industry had to make wrenching changes. I have a few scars myself, both from my days as prepress director in Gravure and heatset offset, and with my experience on the vendor side.

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Re: Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors

Well Michael, I for one let PANTONE know about how close GRACoL 7 beta and FOGRA39 were, and they released color bridge numbers that aren't geared to ISO 12647-2 anyways. If their solids aren't within ISO tolerance, then why should I trust any of their numbers?

And if they won't print to the (now over 10 year old) international standard (which GRACoL2006_Coated1v2 and ISOcoatedv2 are both within tolerances of), anyone printing to the international standard using color bridge numbers won't match the color bridge guide that shows how the color should look.

Like Michael Eddington has said, using PANTONE's Lab values, the specific output profile GRACoL2006_Coated1v2, and Relative Colorimetric Intent with BPC will get closer match than PANTONE color bridge numbers at times.

What PANTONE should have done is seen where GRACoL was going, and made the color bridge print to it.



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Re: Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors

We can probably all agree that there is difficulty in achieving a color standard and add to that matching a reprint job that was produced with an earlier standard, or changing prepress proofing and plates to get desired color. We also probably have our own vested interests in seeing things stabilize or change, whether we are the designer who wants more options, the printer who wants efficient predictability, or an industry consultant or manufacturer who can benefit from the new business.

My interest lies in improving the process to bring greater value to the customer. The value is in design, production and financial. Having too many interations of change in too short a period of time seems outside my interests. Having improvements that allows us to move towards greater total value is useful, so long as the players conform to the process. Do your customers comform to paper, ink, press, etc standards? We need to educate designers, buyers, sales reps and all the people in the supply chain. Otherwise we will be continuing to provide only the old, inefficient value ... losing business to those who create greater value.

Your choice. The market will provide the true answers.


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Re: Pantone Unveils Goe System - over 2,000 New Pantone Colors

Well, the thing I find hard to take is the fact that PANTONE has not listened to pertinent information, went ahead and released color bridge and we can see that they're solids aren't within ISO 12647-2 tolerances, that their printing condition therefore is not within ISO 12647-2 tolerances, and that if a printer actually prints to the over-ten-year-old international standard (which we should all be printing to), they won't match the PANTONE color bridge guide? Why not? Because PANTONE has been and is printing to whatever they want to, and don't give a rats ass that they (just like everyone else) should be printing to the international standard. They are not so special that they shouldn't have to adhere to the international standard just like us. After all, shouldn't we all be aiming for the same target? Well, they make their own target, say print to this density and TVI and you'll match our color bridge colors - and are in effect saying if you print to the international standard which we don't, you'll have to not be in adherence with that standard to print like we do. Pathetic. So instead of fixing their printing condition to match the international standard (talking about their CMYK printing condition they produced the color bridge numbers on) and coming up with ISO 12647-2-conforming color bridge CMYK numbers to get a match, they just did their own thing and said "screw everybody", added more colors, and then a whole new system.

TO PANTONE: way to go making the waters muddier just so you can hopefully confuse people enough that they don't know this, and so they won't complain loudly for you doing this to all of us in printing.


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