Paper Bottles for Johnnie Walker!


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Diageo Plc—the world’s biggest spirits maker—has ramped up its efforts to tackle plastic waste. Beginning early 2021, Johnnie Walker scotch whisky will be available in plastic-free bottles. The new bottle—made from wood pulp that meets food grade standards—is fully recyclable.

Diageo & partner Pilot Lite have launched a sustainable packaging company called Pulpex Ltd to develop the paper bottle & collaborate on research & development. Pulpex will also create branded paper-bottles in non-competing categories for companies including Lipton & PepsiCo—also expected to launch paper bottling, next year.

Diageo uses less than 5% of plastic in its total packaging, but along with Unilever and PepsiCo, has set targets to reduce and recycle plastic in their packaging as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals program by 2025.

Diageo to launch Johnnie Walker whisky in paper bottles in 2021

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