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Hi, I am owner of photo lab and from 2 years we do digital printing also.
We use Versant 80 and Versnat 180 presses.
And I have question about paper pricing.
Most we use Blazer 12x18" 110lb Cover Coated ($87/1000) and Blazer 12x18 100lb Text Coated ($43/1000).
And my question is how much you pay for these papers and if you pay less from what company are you buying.
In my opinion I pay too much. We have a lot requests for printing, but based on paper price our estimates are too high for a lot of customers.
We had similar situation with NCR forms before. When we add just carbonless paper cost and click charge, was cheaper for us order forms on another printshop !!!!
Finally we find company who offer NCR paper for very good price, but still we pay too much for other papers.
So if you can please share how much I should pay for papers listed above.
If you don't want share these info on forum please send private message.
Thanks a lot!!!


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KELLY Paper and Spicer Paper are the major players in our area . If your purchasing volume is enough, you’re able to negotiate your paper price. I would start by looking for these 2 companies is your area.


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Your prices are not out of line, but you don't mention your volume. It's always good to get prices from another company on a competitive product. Sometimes you find a good alternative for less money. Sometimes it's just a good tool to get some competitive price adjustment on your current sheet.

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