Paper Shortage?


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I'm hearing different stories from different vendors of paper shortages. When I ask why I get different answers as to why. I've heard ports are over charging for shipments from overseas. I hear truckers are in short supply. I hear the factories don't have enough workers to keep up. I even heard it was the work of the CIA trying to rule the world. Anyone else hear about this?


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There are paper shortages in large and small quantity supply, too. We had to offer alternative materials for some customers, since the original paper is unavailable at the warehouse.


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Our paper supplier (Kelly Paper) warned us last year that shortages were on the horizon due to the lack of truckers. Also, the industry has been consolidating over several years with fewer paper machines and many paper grades being discontinued. As businesses re-open, paper mills like other manufacturers cannot keep up with demand and supplies are unreliable. I was told last month that 20# bond was out of stock and this delayed a job for several days. In more than 50 years of printing, I've never had this issue with plain office paper. In our area, supplies of coated digital sheets are also unreliable.


We have had issues with getting paper for the past couple of months. Had to switch 100# dull text brands like 3 times so far. Had to switch other brands as well and we are told the mills have no where to put the paper because of storage issues and that's on top of all the other supply chain issues. Don't see this getting resolved anytime soon.

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