Paper wrinkling (aka feathering or skeletel marks) on Oce Varioprint 6250


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Paper wrinkling (aka feathering or skeletel marks) on Oce Varioprint 6250.
We have had our VP6250 for 7 years and now Canon are pulling the plug on servicing it. We will have to go on 'Time and Materials'. My main worry is that the fuser belts are having to be replaced every 700-800k and it has been an ongoing issue that the Canon engineers can't explain. The paper starts to wrinkle on 80gsm SRA3 bond paper. A3 or 100gsm is fine but eventually the problem gets so bad that these papers start to show the problem too. Has anyone else had a similar experience or have any suggestions. We mainly print 80gsm SRA3 bond paper but sometimes put gloss or silk through it but not in massive quantities.


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Just a couple questions:
  1. Do you have print guard units? When we had them it did what you're describing. I've never seen it happen without them though.
  2. Are you keeping up with clean sheets/spiral cleaner maintenance? We used to go through OPCs more than usual until I started only replacing the spirals when the machine prompted me, even if they looked ready.
  3. Were you given a reason they'd stop servicing it? My tech said they've had models with close to a billion impressions that are still being serviced.


I'm a tech that works on VarioPrints. A couple are close to 15 years old. Over 300 million on those. I can't imagine cutting them off. The wrinkling can also be caused by worn lower delivery inlet rollers. Those would be above the transfer belts. Transfer belts are something you as a customer should be able to replace. There are a couple of pressure rollers in the exit. If those have a profile, the engine out kit is probably due

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