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I have to give a much better answer for not using downsampling, etc. Normally, I set it all for NONE. No compression, do not downsample, etc., for the same reasons as I would do it since I got into EPP 17 years ago. Now, my catalog page of 451 mb was now being RIPped at 6.4 mb on Rampage from another operator. What kind of problems should I expect? I told him it is not a good idea to export out of ID3 to pdf with all of the compressions on (He's the leadman.). It's going on press Thursday. Should I worry? We have enough problems trying to use 1999 hardware and keep the owner out of the department for problems he believes are us, not hardware/RIP software, etc. (Probably time to leave, but at times, I love a challenge, and trust me, IT IS A CHALLENGE!.).

I would like all to chime in, especially if there's a problem. I'm going to send the link to him.


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Your gonna have to be more specific as to what he is downsampling to. If there are photos involved hopefully no less that 300 ppi. I work in the prepress dept in a commercial shop. Cant tell you how many times I get files that are containing way too much information. Slows the whole production down.


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I would say that if you are doing 300 dpi stuff and not VERY HIGH QUALITY above that resolution, then the default PDF/X-1a in Export PDF from Adobe apps (make sure you add bleeds and marks and save a custom setup in Export PDF) will work well. Although jpeg compressed, it's at maximum quality, and I couldn't tell a difference between printing that and postscript straight to the rip, when I got it out to take a look at the press sheet vs. last printing (ok, so maybe such a little difference that our customers wouldn't be able to tell a thing has changed... and the customer I started getting to do this hasn't complained. She loves that she can send in the PDF/X-1a via FTP, and not have to send us 8 CDs via snailmail). You'll be pleasantly surprised I think.



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Re: PDF Downsampling

If you are going to use compression don't use any version of JPEG which will remove some quality. Instead use ZIP which will not lose any quality.


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Re: PDF Downsampling

> {quote:title=Bobmorli wrote:}{quote}
> Anything wrong with PDFx3 or PDFx4? Just out of curiosity....

Depends entirely on the capabilities of the receiver.

PDF/X-3 allows for color spaces other than CMYK. So, you could have RGB, Lab, et cetera; with attached ICC profiles.

PDF/X-4 allows live transparency.

What I really dislike about the Adobe presets for any PDF/X version are the settings for downsampling and compression. I prefer not to downsample - it's tough enough to get high resolution imagery. And I'm in agreement with the other poster, I've been bitten enough times by JPEG to be gun-shy. I prefer a lossless compression structure or none at all.


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