PDF Help, Please


Hello everyone

Im a printer on a flekso machine and i would really need your prepress help with my pdf file. Becouse my prepress guy is having covid im asking if any one of you is willnig to make some minor midofication to my prepress pdf file. Im printing some very small negative cmyk text and i would like to make the following changes that i was sugested to do.
negative line thickness is 0,15mm and it is quite small, usually in flexo it good to have 0,2.
I suggest to increase line thickness a little, also thickness of trapping should be inreased.
Previosly I wrote that its good to have 0,2mm black outline 0,1 overprinted on CMYK, and 0,1 pure black.
On your files outline is 0,1mm (0,05 overpint + 0,05 pure black). I suggest to make bigger outline and do not allow to overprint black on magenta. Allow black overprint only on cyan, that will be enough and registration will be much better.

If anyone is willnig to make those changes please let me know on my mail Luka.zakelj@etiketa.si and i will send the pdf. I would really appriciate for any help in these troubled times

Thank you very muche

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What about Profitability?
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