People mag may end print edition...


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Hmmm. I thought the majority of their distribution was checkout line sales. That seems like a guaranteed fatal move.


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I've seen this happen a lot, not only with publications, but, even some printshops and other businesses. A new ownership group buys a business, and, puts some bean-counters in charge that don't know what they're doing for the sole purpose of making money. They have no passion for the business, and, as a result, usually goes out of business in short order.

I know the main purpose of every business is to make money, but, a lesson I learned after many years of chasing a dollar, is this: Start, buy, or own a business because you are passionate about it, and, the money will take care of itself.


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It's fun to read a paper printed magazine. The new people have some fancy ideas but spoil the show. Or, on second thought, is paper shortage responsible for this?

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What about Profitability?
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