PitStop crashes after global changes


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Hello everyone,

First off I would like to thank all of you for the time and effort you spend helping other selflessly in forums, if it weren't for people like you I would have been in a pickle many, many times before.

I am a student attending a Preflight class and we have had some issues with PitStop 7.0 running in Acrobat 7.0

I am sure at some point my school's IT department will end up contacting enfocus and getting this issue handled, but I am sure all of you know how school bureaucratics work, I don't think anything will be done anytime soon.

Everything with PitStop is working fine, until we go to make a global change, we were trying to convert colors. We went through the standard process under the Enfocus global changes, color, remap color.

When we click "run change" the whole shebang just stops. PitStop poofs into thin air, followed shortly thereafter by Acrobat stopping abruptly, no error messages, nothing, it just quits within 2 seconds.

We are running 1.8 Ghz PowerPC G5 iMacs with 512 MB of ram. Mac Os X version 10.4.11

We have a newer Mac lab right next door with all brand new iMacs, but PitStop pro is not installed over there.

Any ideas?

Thanks again,



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Re: PitStop crashes after global changes

512 mb of RAM is on the lean side for starters.

Also make sure you are running the up to date version of Pitstop (7.52) and Acrobat (7.0.9).

Also dump your Enfocus and Acrobat 7 .plist files in Users/~/Library/Preferences

Hope this is a start.

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