Plot image in a 3D gamut.


Good morning, good afternoon, depending your timezone.

I was wondering if someone could suggest a CLI CMM which would allow to compare an image within a ICC (RGB or CMYK) gamut.
I already know software available for such request.
But I'm looking for a free alternative.
I’m tested Argyll CMS and I saw that the command iccgamut -v -w -ff -ir (+ICC Profile) launched twice with the next viewing command is very useful.
Does some argument would allow to render as a scatter plot (rather than 3D gamut) an image to be compared with ICC gamut profiles, whenever RGB or dedicated CMYK.
Or if any other Github tool would also able to do so.

Many thanks in advance for your clever explanations.


Many thanks for your quick,clever and helpful answer.
I never wrote I don't want to buy a software at all while I systematically buy them when it is required. And I'm the first one to pay which is not always the case for others.
Anyhow, the fact is I'm looking for a "free" tool I could integrate in a CLI mode and not a standalone approache, whenever it's free or payed.
It was not my purpose to hurt anynone whic is obviously not the case for others.
But maybe nowadays times are more bashing oriented; bad sign of the times which are gangrenous by an "a"social media attitude.
Once again, please apologize if I offensed everyone here.
It was the case for me.
Best regards.


Dear Michael Jahn.
My goal is to create a workflow in our prepress server in which I would be able to execute a command line to perform an x3d image. This would allow to automatically show potential out of gamut images from a specific destination profile. In addition, it is also an educational part for our internal and external customers to send them this 3d file by email to know what would be affected.



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