PNG file and Rampage 10.5


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Just recently received a PDF that was created out of InDesign.
Our client used a You Tube logo that was a PNG file.
The PNG logo looked fine in the PDF.
When I dropped into Rampage 10.5 the logo became a very light
gray image.
Is there a special setting in Rampage 10.5 or was this addressed
in a newer version.
Thanks for your help.


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What color mode is the PNG file? I would think that maybe the color mode of the PNG file would have more to do with it than the file format itself. Rampage does not convert RGB to CMYK very well if you have a RGB image in a PDF and you use the PDF trap engine to rip it. As a test, use the RIP-EPS/PDF Input profile instead and see if that makes a difference.

If that is the case, then you can either convert the file to cmyk from within the pdf or upgrade to Rampage Version 12 and that would allow you to pick a better conversion within its color management setting.

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What I'm about to say is a guess but an educated guess nonetheless...

Check the PNG and verify that it is NOT employing a "palette" color space. If it is, convert it to sRGB (and verify that you haven't managed to mangle the colorants in the process). Then work it back into InDesign, etc.


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First of all thank you for your response.
I opened the png file in Photoshop and noticed
that it was a transparent image in RGB color mode.
The designer took that file and colored it in Indesign
using spot colors. Once I converted all spots to cmyk
everything worked out just fine. I always relied on Rampage
to convert my spots and never had issues like this.
Thanks again.

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