Polar 115 EM memory issue


I am having issues with my Polar 115em not saving cuts. Sometimes I can save maybe 12 or 15 cuts on a programme before it just stops accepting them, other times it wont let me save any. it makes no difference whether I am saving them manually or on automatic programme. Any ideas? is there perhaps a battery somewhere or is it likely a faulty board? any help appreciated.


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Hi sir:
Normally you must have 3 things:
1) Reset the board with the small button in the mainboard or CPU board.
2) Review the power supply in the 1)+9V 2)+5 Vdc 3) +24 4)+42 5) -12card EO\I 6)-30cARD ei
3) Test the baterry is low, and replace only you have 10 minutes, otherwise you must loose the information.
4) Clean the Edge connector board very well.
5) Look for Dry +Colder solder joint, in the board, and loose connector, corroder, or loose wires, or broken wires.



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