Postscript screen angle comments ignored in Harlequin RIP


Good morning,

We have a special requirement with respect to screen angles within the flexo environment. Most jobs are sent with spot colours (up to 7 spots with halftones). We juggle our screen angles on a per job basis depending on content. I have created composite and separated hotfolders.

The best scenario is for us to create separated postscript from Illustrator (OSX) where we set the screen angle & ruling, dotshape etc. I have so far been unable to get Harlequin to obey the postscript angle comments. It seems to always ignore the spot colour comments. Spot colour angles keep defaulting to the same angle. CMYK portion is always correct.

I have tried composite files, I apply the colour and angle to pagesetup/screening. This works but is impossible to manage without mistakes. I have tried every possible variation in Harlequin settings all with a negative outcome. It seems to happen with all the flavours of Harlequin so it is not isolated.

I understand that Harlequin is cheap when compared to Esko or Prinergy etc. however it should be able to obey a simple postscript comment.

Is there anyone that could give me some suggestions. I look forward to any response.



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Harlequin Server RIP v.9 user manual, snip : from the Eclipse Release of the Harlequin RIP ink types are decided using the Ink Set Manager which is only available when one of the TrapPro options are enabled. See the documentation supplied with TrapPro for more information.
If the chosen output format supports additional colorants, you can also control the printing of spot color separations. Any spot color not explicitly listed is controlled by the (Other colors in job) settings. With the default settings, if a job calls for spot colors not named in the list of separations, the RIP converts those spot colors to the appropriate combination of process colors - end snip.
What harlequin version do you use ?


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The capacity of this program so much.
As far as I know only from the specific angle of separation setup will allow you to.


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Have you looked in the separations manager? It is probably set to override screen angles. Your other choice is to create the screen angles you need in the separations manager to match the various colors.
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I think Maxwell's rip is unable to identify the colorants in a consistent way and assign the specific separations to spot angles. The best way is to edit a composite separation style (in-rip separation) with as many spot colours as necessary, each named and with its own angle (perfectly doable) and sending composite files either as PS or PDF, somehow normalized in labelling the colorants in a consistent way.
Again, it depends on the rip version he has. Best to use a genesis release.

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