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My name is Bill, and I’m a high end retoucher and I’m looking for some freelance image work in the area. (Or full time work).

I can retouch and color correct your images for you, and do image compositing. I can do virtually anything you need done to your images with quick turnaround times. Have a batch of images that need clipping paths? I can do that for you. Maybe you have some overflow work you need help on, I’d be happy to assist you so you can get your image work done on time.

My background is in the printing business as a high end retoucher for many clients in the Chicago area, from McDonalds, Playboy, DDB, and Northwestern University to name a few and just recently I did some architecture photo shoot retouching for a photography studio based in St. Louis.

For freelance work the way I work is the client uploads their images for me and I do the retouching than send the high res images back to the client.

If interested please email me back and let me know what I can do for your business.


Bill Simon


Please feel free to look at my portfolio.

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