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Since implementing our new pricing software several years back, we have gone in and tweaked different processes regularly to where everything matched our old way of doing things. While everything is looking good and our prices seem competitive on most items, 3 panel brochures and business cards always seem to be much higher than the competitors I look at. Anything I have tried to do in order to bring that price down makes us way too cheap on other similar items. I understand that business cards can be loss leaders, but 3 panel brochures??? They used to be a lucrative item back in the day.


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I've had that same issue with MIS software in the past, particularly with business cards. Rather than modifying the overall system, my solution was to make a template for each quantity and put in a manual adjustment to make it the price I wanted. Then, I just duplicated it for future orders. Hopefully your software has some sort of manual markup or discount feature.


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Does your software allow for different printers with different settings which might allow you to price some items on one printer (settings) or the other would not affect all items.


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I create custom price schedules for 3 and 4 panel brochures and other items that formulas make uncompetitive.


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(disclaimer - I work for a Print MIS software developer - but used to be a prepress manager at a heatset offset and gravure printer )

Okay, well, our PressWise users all approach the same problem differently.

They may a relationship with a reseller / broker - were they sell everything at a 25% discount

They may have a negotiated price contract with a county, hospital or school, where they have fixed price "tables" where a product has set fixed prices at fixed quantities - like - 250, 500, 1000 , where the storefront ONLY allows these quantities / prices ( you can't order 350 for example )

They might have the press devices setting based on run speed and sheets per hour

They might have the press device based on "clicks" or "per impressions"

They might have a combination of the above ( based on a specific product or customer )

In Wide Format - this is typically price by sq ft.

what the sell price is depends on what your market will allow


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