Prinergy Plugins on Mac OS 10.8

Randall S

Just purchased a new imac with Mountain Lion.
I succeeded in getting Workshop from Prinergy 5.1 working on it, but I can't get the Prinergy Acrobat plugins to load in Acrobat 9 or X.
To load workshop you can't use the installer, it won't function, so the workaround was copying the Prinergy folder from an older OS.
I downloaded the plugins supposedly for Acrobat XI but they won't load on OS 10.8. They will load on 10.6 though.
Kodak is not a big help with this, they want me to update to Prinergy 5.3, but all I need is the acrobat plugins.
Anyone have any info about this?




This worked for me:

1. In <volume>/Applications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/, choose Adobe Acrobat Pro.
2. Control-click and choose Show Package Contents.
Another Finder window opens.
3. Navigate into the Contents/Plug-ins folder.
4. From a separate Finder window that is open to the Kodak-Plug-ins-10-mac folder, drag the Acrobat X Kodak Plug-ins folder to the Contents/Plug-ins folder in the other Finder window. You may need to authenticate with a user account with administrative privileges.
5. Open Acrobat X Pro.
6. From the Help menu, choose Plug-in Help to find out how to run the Kodak Acrobat plug-ins.


Randall S

I finally got it to work.
I downloaded the whole 5.3 update package from the Kodak Partner site. You need to have full maintenance agreement to do this. Then I broke that apart (unzipped) and found the 5.3 workshop installer for mac. I installed only the acrobat plugins for vers. 9 and X.
It would not work just placing the plugins into the plugins folder, it needed the installer to install them.
Thanks for replying.

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