Prinergy Evo 5.x workflow creation

Mike Z

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I am currently working with Prinergy Evo 5.169 and Preps 5.33 creating some workflow templates that will automate some basic jobs. When I create an imposition in the Evo template editor, under Preps Impostion Planning, I only see the templates that are in one of the subfolders under Preps>Templates. The others do not show up. Is there somewhere on the server to specify which folder 'Create Imposition' has access to? The System, Preps Folders from the client just specifies the evoconfig\Preps and all templates and subfolders are in that folder. Also, is it normal that only preps .tpl files containing only 1 signature show up in the Evo template editor? There seems to be no place to choose an different signature from within a given preps template file.

Does anyone know if the Prinergy Evo 5 user guide is available in PDF format somewhere? The help link from within the client leads to the prinergy server and it would be helpful to not have to be on a work computer to research my issue. This is the first shop I've worked at that uses Evo and wants some workflows set up since my training in 2006. It seems many people with Evo just use Preps manually instead of taking advantage of workflows for basic jobs.


Mike Z

Active member
Thanks Steve!

We did not have that Preps pdf. Does anyone have the Prinergy Evo 5.x pdf? That might explain the Evo workflow creation after you have the Preps templates made.
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